Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Time with Family

Yesterday my cousin needed our help. Her babysitter had a family emergency and could not watch her kids. So we babysat Hunter (7), Aiyana (4) and Taylor (13 months). It was a very exciting day. Keith helped me out so very much! We had lots of fun. We took the duck on a walk and chased grasshoppers to feed it. All of the kids enjoyed walking around the yard and even feeding the duck the bugs! Taylor even joined in on the fun. She has not been walking very long but she was so cute toddling along! We had quite a bit of fun. Hunter, Aiyana and I baked a chocolate cake together. Hunter was really good at reading the directions and both he and Aiyana helped whip up the batter. My cousin Joni was very impressed with the cake. I enjoyed having them here. They sure did wear us out though. I told Joni that if they did not sleep good last night that it would be a surprise. We certainly slept good! It was a very fun day and I am so glad we could help her out!

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