Saturday, April 10, 2010

Readbud- An easy way to make some pocket change!

readbud - get paid to read and rate articles

Readbud is a great site I was introduced to by a fellow WPLH member. You simply read and rate articles (picked from 50 different interests areas). Each article pay is based on how many words are in the article. A list of pay amounts will follow. Once you achieve the $50 goal you will be rewarded your pay via Paypal. So far I have earned $2.54 just reading articles while work was slow. Click on the banner and join. You will be paid to read and if you refer friends or post an affiliate link on your webpage, social website or public forum and people join the program you will be awarded $5.00 when that person reaches their first payout!

Payment Structure:

Article content word count and corresponding rewards:

  • Under 100 : 1 cent
  • Between 101 and 200 : 2 cents
  • Between 201 and 300 : 3 cents
  • Between 301 and 400 : 4 cents
  • Between 401 and 500 : 5 cents
  • Between 501 and 600 : 6 cents
  • Between 601 and 700 : 7 cents
  • Between 701 and 800 : 8 cents
  • Between 801 and 900 : 9 cents
  • Between 901 and 1500 : 10 cents
  • Between 1501 and 2000 : 15 cents
  • Over 2000 : 20 cents
It is important to note that in order to have the reward amount credited, a rating of the article must be submitted.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pics from a trip to the Florida Panhandle back in 2004

I took myself a working/job hunting vacation back in 2004. I had decided that I wanted to move to Florida, so I got online and applied at various job postings there. I got a hit with Ft. Walton Beach Hospital. I took a road trip and went camping for a week and went to the interview. Well I was offered the job.... however, the pay left much to be desired and the cost of living down there was way more expensive than NC. I did enjoy my vacation though! Here are some pics! I just love those Emerald Waters & that White Sand!