Thursday, September 25, 2008

Paid to Post Forums

Alright everyone here is more ways that I make money. You will never get rich doing this but it is extra cash on the side! Everyone can use extra cash! It is also very easy and something I like to do anyway so why not make $ doing it? I have recently joined two forums that pay to post. Here isthe links to one site:
09-14-2008 until 10-15-2008
$0.25 Per Every Referral. $10 Bonus for 100 Referrals

New Contest to Every Member. Bring your each friend and earn $0.25 for free.

$10 Bonus for every 100 members.

$0.04 per every thread,
$0.03 per every post

$5 Minimum Payout

Payouts via Liberty Reserve and Paypal.

Here is the link for MyLot which is my fav!

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