Sunday, September 21, 2008

Feeling Sexy

One thing that always makes me feel more feminine is painting my finger nails and my toe nails. I try to paint them at least once a week (more for my finger nails) to assure that they look decent. I am rough on my finger nails! I type constantly during work and gathering eggs, feeding the duck and washing dishes and such are horrible on polish. My nails are always trimmed and they are not what you would consider long by any standards. I honestly, find long nails cumbersome and I can't take it! I keep them polished in a clear coat. Now, my toe nails I go crazy with color on. I always try to change up the color weekly. Even more frequently if I am going to dress up and wear open toed shoes. If that is the case I try to match the polish to the color of my clothing. Does anyone else paint their nails?

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