Sunday, March 11, 2012

Family Update

I have not been online for a while. We had to let the internet go last July due to financial difficulties but now it is back on. Our family has gone through some major changes. Michael is now 22 and out on his own. David is 21 and living in Texas, he is engaged to a real sweetie named Josey.  Anthony is 18, finished with highschool, staying with his dad and working at Chick-Fil-A for the time being. He is suppose to go into the Air Force in July but he might be ditching the AF for the Army. Lil Keith is 2 now. He has grown so much and has such a wonderful personality. The twins were born on October 19th 2011. Elijah Rain & Adam Sky are now 5 months old. I now have enough boys for a basketball team. I am so proud of them all. Pictures above are of Adam & Elijah right after coming home. The next picture was taken at Lil Keith's second birthday party. All of my boys together. Michael is on the left holding Lil Keith, Anthony is in the middle and David is on the right. The bottom picture is from Lil Keith's birthday party as well. He is blowing out the candle on his Cars cake and his Daddy is making sure he gets it done. I love my family!