Saturday, December 27, 2008

Exhausting Day

Well today was long and exhausting! My parents recently got a new Heating/AC unit in their home. Along with this unit they needed to reinsulate the house. Anyone who has looked at insulation these days knows that it is very expensive. My Fiance works in construction. One of the places he is working is being turned into a bowling alley. It was a grocery store with 2 or 3 shops on the sides of it. Now the guy who bought the place is cleaning out all of the old construction, insulation, wiring, everything. This is fortunate for my folks because we were able to salvage the insulation. This insulation was stacked, tied up and hauled by myself and my dad yesterday. Now today, my fiance and two older boys will install it in my folks house. This is our Christmas Present to them for the year. I am very sore and basically itchy all over still. It is well worth it though.

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