Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Daisy & Donald

Well everyone, the quarantine is over and we finally put Daisy and Donald together. I cleaned out the pool and both of their pens on Saturday. I added the "duck poop soup" to the lasagna garden along with all of their bedding and poop. Then I wrangled up Donald and put him in the pen with Daisy. Daisy was happy. Donald was happy as well but in a much more refined way. After they got to know each other and I finally got the pool cleaned and filled back up, I put both of them in the pool together. Daisy went about her normal splashing water all over the place, washing and just enjoying it. Donald did not quite understand the concept. (Donald was purchased from someone who had him for eating purposes, he was kept with two other ducks in a very small pen and fed corn daily but didn't really have any luxaries.) It did not take long for Daisy to convince Donald that the pool was great and was made just for ducks! Pretty soon he had his water legs and they both began to have fun. After the romp in the pool, Donald followed Daisy around like an old man the rest of the day. It was rather sweet to watch. He was very unsure of how things worked around the place and he would follow her lead. I enjoyed seeing them together. No babies in the making as of yet. They are still getting accustomed to each other and Donald is being a gentlemanly duck! At night they are tucked into different pens until they become more accustomed to each other. We did not want Daisy to think that we were giving her bed to some new duck on the scene!


Peggy said...

We have a Donald and Daffy duck but our female is Sally or rather run around Sally. She loves to run around with the boys and have fun but will not sit on her eggs at all. We end up having one of our chickens sit on and hatch her eggs.

Shellyann said...

Yes, unfortunately for some reasons Pekin Ducks do not sit on their eggs either. I will be glad when the chickens get big enough to sit on them for me. I have thought about an incubator and it is on my birthday wish list! LOL! If that does not happen it is under the broody hen they will go! How successful are you at hatching her eggs with your chickens? I did read about "Quackers and Cheese", lol. They sound adorable! Thanks for your reply.