Sunday, March 29, 2009

Been Away for a While!

Hello everyone, I have been away for quite a while. I originally got caught up in work and things happening here at home and then my trusty computer messed up on me! I am finally back online and seriously needing to make up for lost time. I have some pics I need to post as well as needing to fill everyone in on the happenings here at the place. Our garden is growing soso right now. We have broccoli and cabbage plants in, onions planted, carrots, lettuce, beets and peas as well. The onions, cabbage, beets and peas are doing alright. The lettuce, carrots and broccoli are not. That is a bit of a bummer. The seeds we planted that are under the grow light are doing well. We should have plenty of tomato plants and hopefully some pepper plants will survive as well. I am crossing my fingers on that! This year we are going to try the hanging tomato plants instead of planting them in the ground. I hope this works out well. I do so love tomatoes and last year they did not do so well plus the ants loved them too. I am glad to be back online and hopefully I will have some updated pics of the chickens for everyone to see.


Peggy said...

I think I am going to try a couple of hanging tomatoes this year.

ChristyACB said...

Welcome back!

Can't wait to see all your pics and how your garden is doing.

SuzyQ said...

I'm really glad your back online.
Sorry about some of the veggies not doing well. Hopefully the rest of everything will turn out fine!